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Alexander Alyukov Doctorando, presenta Trabajo de Tesis

El jueves 15 de octubre a las 10.30 en el aula-seminari del IOC el estudiante de doctorado Alexander Alyukov, que estará de visita en el IOC por 6 meses colaborando con Raúl Suárez, presentará su trabajo de tesis.


Presentación personal:


I am a PhD student at South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) and I do my scientific research in the field of adaptive vehicle suspension control system. During my presentation I am going to give a brief information about active suspension and challenges that occurs when modelling the vehicle and designing a control law for active dampers.

I am going to tell about the mathematical model of the vehicle I developed that allows to explore the oscillations of the vehicle caused by the road and engine and transmission vibration.


Finally, I will talk about the experiments we conducted on a real car in order to verify the developed model and to compare vehicle behavior with passive and active dampers.


Alexander Alyukov