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Binocular Computer Vision Based on Conformal Geometric Algebra - Dr. Ales Navrat


Seminario: 28/09/2017

Lugar: Aula Seminario IOC - Edifici H, planta 11

Hora: 10:45-11:45

Título de la charla: Binocular Computer Vision Based on Conformal Geometric Algebra


Ales Navrat

Institute of Mathematics.
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
Brno University of Technology.
Czech Republic.


We apply the conformal geometric algebra (CGA) to the generalized binocular vision problem. More precisely, we reconstruct a 3D line from its images on the image planes of two cameras whose mutual position is specified by a given Euclidean transformation which depends on an arbitrary number of parameters. We represent all transformations by CGA elements which allows us to derive the general equations of 3D line reconstruction by formal CGA elements manipulation. The transformation equations can be solved w.r.t. either motor or projection unknown parameters. We present two specific examples, show the explicit form of two particular motors and solve the appropriate equations completely.