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R+D+i Programmes

The Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC) carries out research activities, innovation and technology transfer in the fields of Robotics, Control and Industrial Engineering and Logistics.

In these fields, the IOC participates in national and European programmes of Research and Development, and in programmes of promotion of the technological innovation in companies (R+D+i).

The R&D&i programmes in which the IOC participates are clearly oriented to the generation and application of the new technologies and management tools in companies, for which the participation or collaboration of the latter is fundamental.

These programmes of R&D&i and technology transfer are usually subsidised by public bodies such as the European Union, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Government of Catalonia and their dependent bodies.

In many of these projects, the participation as a partner of a university institution such as the IOC is a desirable (and sometimes necessary) condition for applying for public subsidies. Moreover, the IOC has great interest in participating actively in R&D&i projects within its fields of knowledge, and in recent years it has participated in numerous programmes, both national and international.

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