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Technology transfer, together with teaching and research, are the three basic activities of the university institutes. In this context, the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC) offers its services and know-how to companies and institutions.

These services, in general, are materialised by means of the establishment of a collaboration agreement between university and companies for the realisation of a project of mutual interest. The IOC offers integral support to face the needs of companies and organizations, its expertise includes topics such as human resources management, supply chain management and logistics, industrial robotics or control systems. In all these fields the IOC offers services of high-level consultancy, advice, training, development of taylormade solutions, software development, research and analysis, systems modelling, etc.


It is important to point out that, at present, the contracting of a university institute for the realisation of projects for companies entails major tax advantages. One can find further information at the Agency of Acreditation in Research, Development and Technological Innovation  (AIDIT).

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