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Automatic Control

The objective of this division is the research and development of techniques in system modelling, simulation and process control, including the application to specific industrial projects and the necessary procedures for their implementation. The IOC has a control and electronics laboratory with the necessary equipment to conduct the experimental part of the research projects and the implementations for  industrial application projects.



ACES - Related research group

Areas of expertise

Variable structure systems

Sliding mode control

Port controlled Hamiltonian systems

Modeling and control of power electronic converters

Modeling and control of electrical machines

Modeling and control of PEM fuel cells

Control-based strategies to reduce noise and vibrations caused by electric actuators

Stability of the in-vehicle electrical micro-grid

Sensorless control algorithms for permanent magnet electrical machines used in electric vehicle powertrains

Vehicle dynamics: stability control of vehicles with “in-wheel” based electrical powertrains

Traffic flow analysis and further development of cooperative adaptive-based cruise control strategies

Analysis of the control limits of permanent magnet electrical machines