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The registrations are compulsory and have to be made every year.

For the academic year 2016-2017 there is the following calendar:


Registration From 26th September to 14th October 2016

Registration forms

Please click on forms in order to find all the forms necessary for the registration and others belonging to the doctorate at the UPC.


  1. First, the applicants have to be registered on the doctoral admission on line application page and must have attached all the admission documents on it. (please see admission procedure).
  2. The applicants ask for an appointment with the ARV programme via the e-mail in order to bring their original legalized admission documents for a revision and further documentation that you can find on the website of the UPC Doctoral School.
  3. Once the documents are revised, the students are informed of the enrollment procedure and schedule as well as about UPC identity card and e-mail. In case of foreign students, they are informed of NIE procedure, which is carried out at the UPC International Mobility Office. Please find relevant information for UPC students on the UPC website.
  4. The student is informed  of E-secretaria website and if they enroll in complementary courses, they are informed of the UPC Digital Campus.