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The Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC) has among its objectives both the development of research tasks and of highly specialized teaching activities, especially aimed at the formation of research staff. Therefore, the IOC has been responsible of a PhD programme from its origins, and, currently participates in both PhD and Master programmes in the framework of the European Higher Education Area. These programmes cover several aspects of automation and its aplications following the research lines of the IOC: industrial and service robotics, process control and industrial engineering and logistics.

Master programmes are university studies which offer advanced formation with a specialized or multidisciplinary character. They are addressed to the academic or professional training or to the beginning of research tasks. The official Master programmes approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education are directed toward the research activity and/or the professional practice, which allow to study PhD programmes. The IOC offers two official Masters: the Master in Automatic Control and Robotics and the Master in Logistics, Transport and Mobility.

PhD programmes offer advanced formation in research techniques. The PhD is taught by means of courses, seminars or other activities and includes the writing and the presentation of a doctoral thesis, consisting in an original research work, whose achievement leads to the PhD degree. The IOC offers: the PhD Programme in Automatic Control, Robotics and Computer Vision and the PhD Programme in Advanced Automation and Robotics, both with Quality Mention from the Spanish Ministry of Education. The ARV Doctoral programme has also achieved the Excellence Mention by the Spanish Ministery of Education, with code MEE2011-0453. This mention, which is valid from academic year 2011-2012 until 2013-2014, substitutes previous Quality Mention, which the programme had from academic year  2007-2008 until 2010-2011.