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Panoramic view from IOC

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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC).

The IOC is a university research institute of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTECH (UPC).

As a university institute, its functions are research and technology transfer, as well as the teaching of postgraduate courses.

The fields of activity of the IOC, which continues the work done by the Instituto de Cibernética for more than twenty-five years, are automatics, artificial intelligence, computer science and industrial engineering, with a special emphasis on the analysis, the design, the management and the control of logistic and goods and services production systems and on the methods and the techniques appropriate to solve these problems and on the fields of science and technique related to them as well.

The IOC has teaching and research staff
from several departments of the UPC, which provides the institute with a multidisciplinary character, and administrative and technical staff which support the institute activities. Also, there are undergraduate and postgraduate students which are completing their education, whether it be a graduate dissertation or a doctoral thesis.

The institute has a robotics laboratory; a control and electronics laboratory; a remote control laboratory; a logistics laboratory; a computer network equipped with servers, workplaces, PC’s and software; and a specialized library comprising about six thousand volumes and numerous journals.

The activities of the Institute include research subsidised with public funds, both European and national projects; agreements with companies; formation of researchers and participation in official masters, doctorate and masters from the UPC Foundation.

The IOC fosters the relationship with both Spanish and foreign research centres in order to promote the connection in related research areas and encourages the international exchange of research experiences.