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Seminari: Vehicle Dynamics

Date: Thursday, 21/09/2023, 14h

Room: IOC seminar (11th floor ETSEIB building)

Exploring the interrelation between vehicle dynamics model complexity and Handling performance (Roberto Aratri) 

This thesis work is dedicated to studying Handling Performance by implementing active control systems employing simplified vehicle dynamic models. The initial section of this investigation entails a meticulous benchmark analysis between simplified models, such as bicycle models or two-track models, and a Vi-CarRealTime as a complex reference model. The objective of this analysis is to ascertain the degree to which a simplified model can approach reality, delineate its inherent constraints, and gauge its efficacy in conducting an active systems feasibility analysis. After validating the examined models, the second part of the study analyzes the impact that active systems can have on the lateral stability of the vehicle. The active systems studied include AC (Active Camber), RMD (Variable Roll Moment Distribution), and RWS (Rear Wheel Steering).


Vehicle Dynamics Toolbox for Objective Ride Analysis  (Francesco de Astis)

Methods and tools for post-process data analysis are of significant interest to Tier 1 suppliers and car maker companies. A complete toolbox for objective ride analysis has been developed with Matlab App Designer. This serves as a platform for the visualization of measured signals, as well as post-processing actions like filtering, resampling, and signal cutting and furthermore. Additionally, the toolbox provides tabs for frequency and time analysis, alongside calculating suitable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary for ride assessment. The app has been developed as a stand-alone software, with no extra dependencies, software, or licensing required. The toolbox offers an exceptional environment for data post-processing, frequency analysis, and calculating key performance indicators (KPIs) specifically tailored for ride evaluation.