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Lusa, Amaia

Amaia Lusa Garcia is a full professor at the Department of Business Administration at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). She is an Industrial Engineer and holds a PhD from the UPC. She teaches at the ETSEIB Engineering School, in courses of quantitative methods, industrial engineering and logistics. Her research activity, at the IOC research institute of the UPC, focuses, on the one hand, on the development and application of quantitative techniques for solving problems of design, planning and scheduling of production and logistics systems and, on the other hand, in the design of methodologies and instruments for gender equality. She has participated in numerous research projects and is the author or co-author of books and articles published in international reference journals. She is a member of the research groups of the UPC DOPS (Processes and Services Design and Optimization) and SOC-STEM (Social Impact of STEM disciplines).



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