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Training for companies

As a university institute, the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC) has teaching and training as one of its main activities, both regarding regulated training courses (doctorate, master and postgraduate) and training for companies by means of standard or specialized courses.

Thus, the IOC tries to satisfy the training needs of both students and companies throughout their professional life by means of various courses and teaching programmes. The course offer is complemented with seminars and lectures in which our customers may participate.

The specific needs of companies can be covered, besides, by means of taylormade courses (in company training) specifically designed for solving the training problems of a particular company.

The Institute staff combines a wide teaching experience, inside and outside the University, with a contrasted professional experience. Its members have more than 50,000 hours of experience as far as training is concerned, with over a million hours per person in lectures and courses of various kinds.

In order to do the training activities, the Institute has a lecture room of its own with a capacity of about 30 people, audiovisual media, a library and laboratories of robotics, logistics and electronics and control.

Furthermore, the IOC can use the installations of the School of Engineering of Barcelona (ETSEIB) or, in general, the various installations of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) such as lecture rooms, laboratories, centres, resources, etc.