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Division of Control


The objective of the Division of Automatic Control is the research and development of techniques of modelling, simulation and process control, including the application to specific industrial projects and the necessary procedures for their implantation.

The principal projects in this division are set in the following thematic areas:
  • Modelling and control of electronic power systems (generation and conversion)
  • Control and optimisation of the exploitation of water distribution
  • Simulation techniques
  • Advanced techniques of identification and control
Related information

The IOC has a control and electronics laboratory with the necessary equipment for conducting the experimental part of the research projects and the implementations for projects of industrial application. The general equipment includes oscilloscopes, signal analysers and generators, microprocessor emulators, PC's, and also the hardware and software for the design and implementation of electronic circuits and for the design and simulation of control systems. The laboratory has the tools and basic equipment for the construction of small-scale mechanical assemblies.

Fields of activity

  • Modelling
  • Simulation

  • Control
  • Electronics

  • Optimisation of industrial resources

  • Automated inspection

Research groups linked to the Division
  • "ACES" - Advanced Control of Energy Systems
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