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Division of Industrial Engineering and Logistics

The thematic scope of the Division of Industrial Engineering and Logistics covers the design and management of the supply chain, namely production and logistic systems to generate goods and services, as well as the necessary techniques for solving efficiently its derived problems. The Division undertakes research activities on these topics and transfer of the research results. This is done through consulting and elaboration of studies, models and software. All these activities are carried out by the Industrial Engineering and Logistics research group (EOL), which has been recognized by the Government of Catalonia.

Fields of activity

  • Supply chain design
  • Capacity planning
  • Aggregate planning
  • Design and task assignment of assembly and production lines
  • Activity programming
  • Working time management
  • Task assignment to employees taking into account learning and forgetting effects
  • Urban logistics
  • Port logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Green logistics
  • Simulation of production and logistic systems
  • Generator assignment and electrification of isolated areas
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Lean management
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    Research groups linked to the  Division
    • "EOL" - Industrial Engineering and Logistics Group

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