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Division of Robotics

The division of Robotics of the IOC comprises basic and applied research on the various aspects of the robot as a machine and on its integration with other elements and units for constituting robotised systems. It also extends to the fields of utilisation of robots in production, exploration and assistance, in both the industrial and service areas.

Its principal areas of interest are:

  • Teleoperation and haptic systems
  • Gripping and skilled manipulation
  • Planning and execution of assembly operations
  • Cooperation between robots
  • Active perception and sensorial integration
Related information

Fields of interest

  • Control and programming of robots
  • Design of robotised cells
  • Perception systems
  • Computer vision
  • Shape recognition
  • Simulation of robotised systems
  • Industrial applications of robotics
  • Service robots

Research groups linked to the Division

  • "SIR" - Services and Industrial Robotics

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